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Chairman's Message:

The past few years at JBF Industries Ltd, have been of innovation. We looked at the growing textile sector in India and evolved a strategy that was innovative in its approach to business. While growing our Polyester yarn capacities was the natural growth process, it was our expansion into Polyester Chips manufacturing which has paid rich dividends. We had envisioned the growing market and put in place the world's largest polyester chips manufacturing plant. The success of this endeavor is not only seen in the robust growth of our bottom line, but also from the resulting global expansion opportunities this opened up.
CEO's Message:

In a relatively short time, JBF RAK has grown to a leader in the polyester industry with worldwide distribution. We owe our success to our partners, loyal customers and talented staff. With our highly experienced team, we have managed to steadily expand our business and maintain a good relation with our clients.
Management Profile:

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