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Polyester Film Division
JBF RAK's BOPET Film facility includes four BOPET lines supplied by Dornier, Germany, one metalizer and two metalizers with Aluminium Oxide(ALOX) coating capability and a newly installed Top Coat machine from Korea. JBF is capable of producing over 230 different types of film for an array of applications with a capacity of 110,000 TPA of BOPET Films.

Here, JBF RAK has 2 state of the art thin film machines, capable of producing 8mic to 50mic films which are 3 layer co-extruded and have a deckle of 8.7metres wide. These lines are also capable of providing one or both side chemically treated films for various flexible packaging applications.

Apart from the 2 thin film machines, there are also 2 thick film BOPET Film lines, producing from 50mic to 350mic film. These machines are capable of producing a wide range of products from super clear to milky white and opaque white films.

JBF thick films caters to markets such as electrical insulation, photovoltaic, flat screens, labels, and various industrial applications.