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Polyester Resin Division
JBF RAK produces 400,000 TPA of finest PET Resins under the brand name, ARYAPET. The best-suited infrastructure has been set-up to meet the requirements of the customers.

The state of the art plant has been designed and built with the most modern technology from CTIEI, China and UOP Sinco, Italy.

A continuous poly-condensation (CP) plant and equivalent solid-state poly-condensation (SSP) plant ensures a wider product range and flexibility in operation.

The plant is equipped with Distributed Control Systems (DCS) for its process lines. An effective chemical/biological wastewater treatment plant will ensure that all emissions are kept to the standard of the strictest environmental regulations in the world.

For global marketing, JBF RAK has an efficient marketing team who understand their customers' business. Through proven distribution channels, JBF RAK has access to a global market. An experienced technical services team would provide round the clock comprehensive service to its customers.