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Chairman Message
The past few years at JBF Industries Ltd, have been of innovation. We looked at the growing textile sector in India and evolved a strategy that was innovative in its approach to business. While growing our Polyester yarn capacities was the natural growth process, it was our expansion into Polyester Chips manufacturing which has paid rich dividends. We had envisioned the growing market and put in place the world's largest polyester chips manufacturing plant. The success of this endeavor is not only seen in the robust growth of our bottom line, but also from the resulting global expansion opportunities this opened up.

We were invited by RAK to put up a Bottle grade Chips and Polyester Film plant in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. This is an indication of the global acceptance of our expertise in project management and in building and operating world class facilities in polyester manufacturing. This is just the beginning- our focus on our core competence, our commitment to customer service and quality has opened up opportunities.

The support from our customers, our investors, our shareholders, our vendors and our varied stakeholders has been invaluable.

The foundation and the driving force of our growth are our people. From vision to excellence, it has been the contribution of individuals and the teamwork that has made this fast paced growth possible. Be it the Indian market or international, be it challenges or strategies I am proud to say that in JBF Industries every individual contributes. We have grown together over many years and the team spirit will ensure that we will continue to grow.

B C Arya